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Wedding Photographers & Pre Wedding Photographers in Mumbai :

A city that doesn’t sleep, Mumbai. The hectic life of the city manages to keep the Mumbaikar’s always on the go. They, however, manage to create the most beautiful and magical weddings for themselves in their city. Weddings in Mumbai are a sight to behold, this gorgeous scene must be saved in the lenses of the best wedding photographers in Mumbai. These photographers, in all budgets, are listed on the website along with the details about their work for the users to browse through their profiles and choose the most suitable one for them. Contact these photographers directly via the given phone number or ask for their quotations on the website.

Finding a wedding photographer in Mumbai is no easy task. Whether it is for a pre wedding shoot, your bridal photos, candid wedding photography or traditional photography there are a host of options on for photographers in Mumbai. Choose from top wedding photographers, see their wedding pictures in their portfolio, filter by price and reviews to hire the best photographers for your indian wedding. Your engagement pictures and wedding photos need to be preserved, so ensure a professional photographer from Mumbai is hired.

Want to get pointers for finding the best Wedding Photographers in Mumbai?

Well Mumbaikars! if you’re having a Mumbai Wedding and you are looking for wedding photographers, you will be spoilt for choice,trust us on this!. Mumbai, the city of dreams and aspirations is a host to so many talented wedding photography professionals – be it freelancers, studio or candid specialists or amazing cinematographers in bombay. To make it easy for you,We has put together the best wedding photography price packages for top  of wedding photographers in Mumbai.

What can you expect from the photographers?

  • Pre wedding shoot– Off late, more and more young engaged couples are getting a photoshoot done prior to their big day. These are quite laid back and fun and sometimes themes and props are also used in the pre wedding photography.
  • Traditional photography– Who can say no to timeless pictures? We think they are classic and the best! You can hire mumbai photographers, by browsing through our vendor category in photography section to get yourself a traditional photographer.
  • Candid photography– A trend that had kicked in since a few years. Weddings are all about being fun and candid and let the photographer capture the most raw and candid moments this season for your beautiful mumbai wedding.
  • Traditional Videography– Regular filming by Mumbai Videographers that yields hours of perfect moments in video.
  • Cinematography– The concept is akin to a mini Bollywood movie where the couple is the main lead. There’s music, dance and heartfelt messages for the bride and groom. Cinematography is the epitome of perfect wedding videography and we couldn’t agree more!
  • Wedding photography with Drone– With technology touching each and every aspect of our daily lives, how can weddings be left behind? Using drones to capture aerial wedding photography shots is in vogue right now. Destination weddings are seeing a rise in drone photography.
  • Studio photography– As the name suggests, these wedding pictures are clicked in the artist’s studio with lighting, camera equipment, white backgrounds etc.
  • Albums– Yes guys, wedding Albums are back in trend! This service might entail for an extra charge, but the joy of flipping through pages of memories is just par excellence. Photo books, Coffee table books and other types of albums can be created with still pictures.

Which is better – Candid or Traditional?

A regular photographer generally covers group shots on the stage or important rituals at wedding functions. These shots are mostly posed and you know that they’re being clicked. Candid photographers are more artistic in nature. He (or she) likes to stay out of your way and capture the smallest spontaneous emotions or moments. Like when the bride’s mother catches the first glimpse of her daughter all dressed up or the sister of the bride tip toeing towards the groom’s shoes to steal them.

Similarly in videography, traditional videos are shot to document each and every aspect of a marriage chronologically. A cinematic video on the other hand, narrates the couple’s love story using snippets from the wedding, recorded messages from friends and family etc. So hence, it totally depends on your choice as to which type of wedding photography you want to inculcate for your wedding in Mumbai, but either way- we are here for every little wedding related need you have!

How to search wedding photographers in Mumbai ?

  • Information at your fingertips- you can browse through hundreds of wedding photographers in Mumbai and choose the perfect one for you!
  • Pictures and reviews– Images of events covered by the professional in the past and reviews by other couples help you gauge the level of experience and quality of service provided, in our “real wedding” category. The best rated ones boast of impeccable attention to detail and utmost professionalism in the work of the featured wedding photographers from Mumbai.
  • Link to website and contact information– After your initial browsing, you can take things forward by talking directly to your shortlisted Mumbai photographers.
  •  The best of all the wedding photographers in Mumbai . We are for the purpose so that you could get a hassle free, totally sorted experience. In terms of perfect photography vendors, Mumbai has so much talent and a bunch of professionals to make your work easy.To pick the best suited wedding photographer for yourself.
  • Will I be able to find a quality photographer if I am on a budget . Of course you can! Our vision is to give you an experience of making it real,the picture perfect dream wedding that you have in mind. We as a wedding photographers in Mumbai for every budget. You just have to fill the budget filter, the package you want to take and for the number of days you want the photographer to be in your Mumbai wedding and you’re sorted.
  • How much does a wedding photographer charge for a day in Mumbai? We have a list of wedding photographers from varying budgets, low to high. So, it totally on what is your budget. But on an average, you can find photographers in Mumbai who charge anywhere between 50,000 to 2,50,000 a day.
  • How do I to choose a photographer for my wedding? With our carefully curated filters to give you a simple interface and many choices, you can easily as well as efficiently use the WedMeGood website to its fullest potential to get the best wedding photographers in Mumbai for you.
  • Can we hire one common photographer from the bride and groom’s side? Yes, you totally can. What we think is that it totally depends on the understanding and the choices of both the families of both sides. Mumbai weddings are pretty organised and chill, so opting for one photographer could be a great idea! You can hire one photographer to cover the wedding from the bride as well as the groom’s side but make sure to ask the photographer to get a proper team and a good number of equipments so that there are no barriers and less workforce whatsoever. Also, ask for discounts if you are planning to hire a common photographer!

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